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    Many people reporting Hurd is now gone (Merged)

    Because he's a bad football coach
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    Checker Neyland debate

    Save it for homecoming. We're 0-2 with checkering.
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    Shoop gives props to Colton Jumper

    Unfortunately he was pretty awful on the field during games.
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    Curse of the Orange Pants?

    Wasn't so much the orange pants as the guy wearing them.
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    Lil John Third Down for What no longer in 2016-17 ?

    I want Copperhead Road played between the 3rd and 4th quarters. Tell me the crowd wouldn't get loud for that
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    New name for Bob Shoops Vol defense

    Orange crush. We might wind up with 3rd and Shoop for all we know.
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    You awake from a coma...

    Did Tennessee beat Florida?
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    Sheriron Jones update?

    I doubt Dormady takes any either. Guarantano is a stud.
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    16 College Football Freshmen We Can't Wait to See in 2016 Fall Camp

    Kamara was dynamite on punt returns even though half of the ones he took back were called back for holding or something.
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    Mark Bradley: Austin Pope more athletic than Jason Witten

    He's in the twilight of his career and they're basing it off a down year for him. 24th best projected is not a reach for him right now.
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    Former Vols you enjoyed watching

    I liked watching Bray too. He has one hell of an arm. I really enjoy watching Hurd and Kamara play.
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    How do we beat Bama in Neyland Stadium this year?

    Score more points than they do
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    With all the good why?

    I wonder why our fans are skeptical of high expectation after the last ten years...
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    VOLS NEW 3rd DOWN FIGHT SONG!!!!! This or nothing

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