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    Pruitt to Texas as DC ??!!

    This x 1000. Exactly what I was going to say.
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    Hoping Chaney took notes from the NC title game

    He was taking notes. Not sure if it was on the offense, or the fact that McDonalds 2 for $3 deal is back.
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    Wanya Morris In the transfer portal

    Worse than 2020?
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    Pruitt Fired Before the New Year?

    Clocks ticking.
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    Expecting too much too soon...

    This must be one complicated system he’s implementing. How many more years should we expect it to take?
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    Pruitt "obviously" in trouble

    Better than Beldar Cornbread.
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    Football Program Under Investigation [merged]

    Wait, I thought our bag men didn’t work hard enough?
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    *****2020 Early Signing Day Thread Tracker (19)

    That’s more because we had 20 commits when everyone else had many less. Player average has always been mid-tier. It is what it is. We were not the recruiting National Champs many claimed to be.
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    Pruitt Frustrated By Lack of Support

    I like the smell of my own farts, but I don’t appreciate Pruitt giving us the Dutch Oven, and wonder why were not happy.
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    Why do coaches not start the right QB?

    I think in many situations, “the better” QB just might not be ready. Maybe they are a true freshman and need a little more time to develop to get to that point.
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    This article explains why UT football has been in decline...and it's not due to coaching

    Pittman sure is getting a lot more out of his bottom of the barrel program in his first year.
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    Hudson Wolfe decomitted

    Just making room for a few 5 stars is all. Relax guys.

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