Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III


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May 29, 2008
I have been on this board over 10 years and I promise you I will never change my screen name. I care less about what people who ignore facts tend to think. Keeping your head in the sand does not change where this program is.

But with our current recent record with Vandy and the fact we have a coach that completely lost his team in our game last year I do not see any reason to think we are on the same level.

I will support Pruitt when he gives us something to cheer for. After such bad hires by this university over that last 10 years I see no current evidence to reverse BVS.

I would like to see him work in the same manner that Doug Dickey did in the 1960’s in reversing the fate of the program. But he needs to prove it. He needs to prove this program is not a loser. And by the way, there is nothing funnier than seeing a bunch of losers call a loser a loser on a message board.

Flame on.


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Jul 28, 2018
You are catching on. Now try some objective thinking about where this program is. I hope we have better outcomes in the immediate future. But you can not ignore facts.
You've not been praying attention if you drew the conclusion that no one in here knows where this program is. But right now there 3 types of fans. Those that are optimistic about what Pruitt can do if given enough time. Those that are waiting to see how this is going to go. And those that need to go away until it's better. Which one are you?

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