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Jul 7, 2005
I'm not sure how many people will read this because it's longer than two sentences, two cents.

Here's the thing---I can accept and support the hire, even if it's not Lane Kiffin, if it's a proven head coach that I know will turn this program around. Guys like Matt Campbell and Luke Fickell would be home runs and would build this program back to relevance.

What I will struggle to support, is if we seriously hire a Neal Brown, Tony Elliot, or Scott Frost over Lane Kiffin. None of those guys are proven, in fact all three of them are much more of a risk than Lane Kiffin. With Kiffin, we'd instantly have one of the most creative offenses in the SEC, we'd bring national attention to the program, and fans would spend buckets of cash, which in turn will lift up every other program here.

Guys like Brown and Frost, I keep hearing "They just don't have the resources to succeed where they are..." If that's the case, then they aren't good coaches!!! You think Matt Campbell has more resources at Iowa FREAKING State than Nebraska or WVU?? Hell no. He's done more with less because he's a damn good coach.

It seems like the biggest reason we wouldn't hire Kiffin if Campbell and Fickell say no would be bruised egos and hurt feelings. I cannot and will not accept skipping over a B+ hire who desperately wants to be here to hire a C- candidate because they didn't hurt someone's feelings.
i read it. b/c i'm not lazy, like some people.
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Dec 3, 2009
Probably, but he's 31-27 with just one season OVER 500 in his career. At this point considering he's at his alma mater and making 5m and he's 12-20 there...

No results to really warrant him being elevated over other names.
Frost went home to Nebraska and walked into a mess, they have a good Ole boy regime there much like here before White. I think he would do well here
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