Basilio off air?

Brave Volunteer

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Nov 8, 2006
The testimonials on Basilio's character sound good so I retract the "loudmouth nobody". The defense of his treatment of Barnes otoh - "TB only questioned his recruiting skill" - that's revisionist bs. He dogged CRB for two solid years and into year 3 on all sorts of things (you did too, Beano). CRB's age and desire, player defections, tourney records etc. All kinds of "Barnes is washed up" callers that Tony seemed to side with - I bet that rings a bell with some of you. heh
And AGAIN, Tony has admitted publicly over and over again how wrong he was about Barnes. You seem very personally offended about this. Are you a close personal friend of Rick's or something? Otherwise why do you care so much? All of the assumptions that were made about Coach Barnes AT THE TIME were perfectly reasonable.

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