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    AJ Johnson Update [verdict: NOT guilty]

    The main thing I've learned from this is that Volnation should be anyone's first stop for legal advice.
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    Pruitt slamming by UGA in law

    But what would be the point?
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    Pruitt at SEC Media Days [full video]

    Lol. Yes. Expediate must now be added to the lexicon, along with a'ight and cornbread. Sadly, it appears a'ight has been scrubbed from his vocabulary. Wish he'd bring it back. It's so perfect.
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    Pruitt at SEC Media Days [full video]

    I liked how the panel discussion got around to arguing whether Pruitt can win some championships in year two. That sets some pretty high expectations, but it's nice to be arguing about that v. can we beat Vanderbilt or win any SEC games at all.
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    Pruitt at SEC Media Days [full video]

    That right there is a football coach. Finally.
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    Ryan Thaxton Arrested..

    We found the incel.
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    John Ward helmet sticker? Jersey patch? PAGING DEERPARK

    I only learned just this week that John Ward's Mom was a customer at my now 93 year old Mom's beauty shop in South Knoxville, and that his Mom taught my sister at TSD and his Dad was the superintendent there, and they lived in Island Home.
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    Tyson Helton TEAM talk

    But there is a me.
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    UT to Break Clean from Davenport

    Davenport fixed some big problems, including the football program. She has a big pair. Which doesn't comport with the good ol' boys club. Hope she gets paid.
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    Don’t assume Kirkland’s final decision yet

    A broken clock is right twice a day.
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    Football parking question

    I have no idea about parking because I haven't been to a game in a long time, but I love this discussion because it means... IT'S (almost) FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!
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    Tennessee is an early underdog at home against Kentucky

    Sadder words have rarely been spoken.
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    Pruitt: A four quarterback derby.

    Hope we can field a superstar to replace JG
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    New VFL coordinator

    FULMER ANNOUNCES HIRING OF VFL CJ FAYTON Three-time UT grad, two-sport standout to serve as Director of VFL Programming Fulmer Announces Hiring of VFL CJ Fayton - University of Tennessee Athletics

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