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    Bowl bid poll

    This team can use the extra 2 or 3 weeks practice that goes with a Bowl game. They will we able to almost run it into spring practice. Cannot blame this on the boys. Been a bad year on them more so than fans
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    Announcers have "Man Crush" on A&M players

    Got sick listening to them so switched to golf for a while.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Did he commit anywhere? This old man forgot his name.
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    Ivy League

    First time in my 25 years of Lady Vols BB of seeing Ivy League ahead of them. I am sure it has happened just don't remember.
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    The difference between Kellie and Holly

    Kellie is not the answer
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    Fulmer needs to buy that game out. It will be a slaughter.
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    Who else here is old enough

    I am 80 and was a UT fan starting listening in 1948 and 49.
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    Beautiful site!

    Yes it was.
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    Remember TennStud, the legendary Vols Van . . . .?

    Knew Roy well and he was a character with lots of stories.
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    Oldest Vol here?

    80 yrs
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    Latest Tweet by Hyams: Lawson may be candidate

    She was only doing her job. She told it like it was. This team has deep problems and we all know it
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    A huge crime was committed in minneapolis tonight.

    He should take that job and move on. He can get more recruits from name alone than he can at Auburn. Money would be more but also would cost of living. Would be better in my thinking. JMO.
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    Melanie Balcomb will interview....

    Pat did give her a recommendation for that job. Melanie sure gave us lists is scares in Nashville and Knoxville also. Won c Several SEC games also. Give her this group of lady Vols and she would have won 23 or more games. JMO
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    Melanie Balcomb will interview....

    What happened at Vandy? I have heard people say things but you ask them and they will never tell. Someone spill. She has a great recruiting ability and great offensive mind. She knows shooters but never could get big girls to Vandy. Gail got great players to Duke because girls just wanted Duke...

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