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    Brady Hoke joining TN staff-confirmed

    Seems like a good hire, hopefully he can coach positions better than being a HC or DC. We'll see I guess
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    Sorta Dissapointing

    I agree with Flowd, I mean for Gods sake you sign 28 total players and 23 are 3 stars????? You absolutely get raped by Clemson as they not only cherry pick your class but stick it to you worse by winning what's supposed our State. And Butch says he wants 5 star hearts? Whatever, let's see those...
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    Jones announces changes to coaching staff

    It's to conservative. Nothing more than a few zone dives/reads and quick screens. We have no vertical passing game and now with Dobbs gone, all those designed QB runs are over unless Gurantano starts. It's not a fast pace Spread which appears to be the only Offense to beat Nicky Satan. I should...
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    Jones announces changes to coaching staff

    Yay, Butch did what everyone expected him to do. He hired a couple of puppets to continue to run his sorry offense. Sorry folks but if anyone thinks these are good hires, you must not watch much football. Next season will be his last.
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    Coach Barnes time on rocky top

    I'm a Duke Basketball fan so I don't have a say about how long Barnes is at TN, but I'll say this. If I were TN fans, I'd give Barnes time. He's a very good coach and he's trying to build a program at Tn which IMO isn't very tradition rich at Basketball. The Punter kid is really good, but not...
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    2015 Central Bobcats

    First Victim of the Larry Slade defense:South Doyle. Central intercepts SD 3 times, 2 returned for TD's as Central DEMOLISHES SD 38-3. The Bobcats defense could and should be one of the best in the area. The offense started a little slow but Junior QB Trey Mitchell got going and found Matt...
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    2015 Central Bobcats

    Ah, Jps good to hear from you. What happened was that after last year, Rosser brought Kirby in and told him that he would no longer have a hand in calling the defense. He told him he could stay on staff but Kirby refused. So Kirby left and took his son with him. The son then transferred to...
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    2015 Central Bobcats

    Central shuts down Gibbs in the KOC Jamboree, final 7-0. Jeremiah Howard with the TD run. GO BOBCATS!
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    2015 Central Bobcats

    Easy PC, keep the gloves up. Central and Maryville used to be The Game every year. I remember going to many of those games when I was younger. Those were some great battles and truth is, had it not been for you guys, Central would have at least a couple of gold balls by now. Who knows, maybe one...
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    2015 Central Bobcats

    Back a few years ago Thunder when they did the rezoning, alot of the kids the used to come to Central started going to Powell, West and yes Fulton(also, all these Private Schools that come in and cherry pick talent). But nowadays, there are so many loop holes in the system that where you live...
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    2015 Central Bobcats

    Thank god, its almost time for football season! This year's edition of Central football looks to be very promising. Second year coach Bryson Rosser's squad has looked very good thus far in preseason passing camps and scrimmages. The Bobcats won the 2015 FCA camp at Tennessee Tech in July, with...
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    Fulton at Maryville

    No doubt this game will have hype. Both these teams have alot of turnover from last year's squad's, I could really see this game coming down to coaching. Fulton better be ready for those Maryville trick plays, almost no doubt that Quarles will use one. I say Maryville-28 Fulton-21. Looking...
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    Congrats Knoxville West High School Rebel Football Team--class 5A state champions!

    As quick as West found success, they now search for answers. Scott Cummings leaves West to become Head Coach at Cleveland High. Looks like he's doing the same thing Matt Lowe did at Powell, getting out of dodge. He knew the talent was gonna be down this upcoming year and I guess he wasn't up to...
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    Powell Football

    Powell hires Clinton offensive coordinator Rodney Ellison as new head football coach. Thoughts?
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    Powell Football

    Does anyone know of any candidates for the Powell job? I know there's a lot of instability in that program right now, but it's still a very appealing job. I never thought Allen was the right fit for that job, and obviously he was a nutcase of a coach. Who are some names you've heard Powell fans?

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