I hate to say it, but...


1 star recruit
Sep 18, 2013
Indiana most likely wins this game. We are too cocky and they have more talent and have played a tougher schedule. Hope I'm wrong...
When you say that "we are too cocky", who are you referring to? I'm talking about Tennessee's players or members of the Tennessee coaching staff, because the attitude of the fans does not matter. Also, what is your opinion that "they have more talent" based upon? Because it couldn't have anything to do with recruiting rankings. Indiana did play a tough schedule, but just like us, not every team who beat them, was a good team. Indiana lost to Michigan State 40-31 and the Spartans had a very tough year on offense. Michigan State scored 10 points or less in 5 different games - all 5 of those game were losses. I hope you are wrong too, but I am interested to know why you feel this way, because you did not take the time to support your opinions with any facts at all.

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