Heupel Doubts or No?

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts….

Results are the only thing that matters. So The Hype needs to start producing results or he needs to be out of business.
That you can't understand Heupel needs 4-5 years disqualifies you from having any sort of credible opinion on the matter
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If ifs and buts were candy and nuts….

Results are the only thing that matters. So The Hype needs to start producing results or he needs to be out of business.
I always thought you were ignorant, this post is more proof.

Compared to the three years before coach Heupel got here, the results are amazing given the talent and lack of bodies. You forget most of the talent hit the portal when cornbread was fired.
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Heupel needs to upgrade his coaching staff significantly, Rodney Garner is the only one who I think is championship caliber. Milton was an average stop gap for the season. Nico wasn't ready, but neither was Peyton or Casey Clausen when they were thrown into the mix, or Dobbs against Bama. I hope Heupel lets go of his stubborn refusal to change and realizes that ATM, TN is no closer to being in the mix for the SEC championship than they have been the past 16 years. He better get his head out of his rear and fix the constant recurring problems that his teams display, poor secondary defense, no development of 2s or 3s and neutered game plans going into games as well as non existent halftime adjustments. Throw poor clock management on top of that and he has some serious issues. But I am not calling for him to be fired, he needs to read the tea leaves and get to work or else he will go the way of the past 4 coaches at UT!
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So it’s all in how you define results.
They’re realistic and unrealistic.

Apparently the standard is wins and losses, which we are ahead of schedule by any realistic standards, until the narrative changes.

And don’t give me this “blown out” bull **** either.
We’ve seen Bama And Georgia play twice a year on occasion where one blew the other out then lost in the rematch the same year.

If you’re mad about the point number on this loss but would have been ok with the loss if we made those 3 catches then you’re……not very smart

Champion of excuse making right here^^. Carry that water brother.
OMG.... We have become a society of instance gratification, and if we do not get it; "Off with their heads".

Not long ago, we would have been glad to have an 8-4 season. We used to battle for the basement. We are so much better now.

Heupel is a very good coach and I have my yoke on him. I truly believe he can get us to an SEC Championship, and perhaps even, dare I say (NC)....
I have no doubt about CJH. He was limited on offense by what he had to work with this year. The only thing that concerns me is the lack of adjustments our Defensive staff has made during games. Something is wrong on that side of the ball. I hope CJH takes a look at this during the off-season.
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The most troubling thing to me is this - It now looks like Heupel's system has a very narrow margin for success. It requires the right QB, skill players and minimal injuries. If the offense isn't super efficient, the defense is screwed and games get out of hand. This is a good strategy for the SEC?
I definitely doubt that he will ever win any kind of championship at UT. The SEC is too tough and the recruiting just isnt there. I do think the floor is higher that with the other HCs from the last 15 years though.
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Yep but I didn’t expect to look that bad in our losses. Completely uncompetitive.

I’d agree on some of those. The Bama game we actually looked better than I expected and honestly I thought we’d lose to A&M
I question his stubborn loyalty to coaches and certain players.

If he makes major staff changes and starts playing the best options then I won’t doubt him anymore.

Joe really made him look bad this year.
1994 we went 8-4 after losing heath Shuler. I'd say we had to play with a replacement and with a freshmen. We didn't look great that year bc it was gap year.
Would the complainers on here rather have Florida or SC’s record?? Heupel faced a tougher rebuild than both of their coaches and look where we are compared to them. We will get a decent bowl game and 15 extra practices while both of their teams will be sitting at home.
Doubts about what? Be specific.
I don't have doubts he can have a really good season.
I've had doubts the entire time that he can win a conf champ. Why on earth wouldn't you until someone actually proves themselves?
Champion of excuse making right here^^. Carry that water brother.
It went exactly as I expected yesterday
The season has gone exactly as I expected from the beginning.

I’m operating on observation and not my feelies though.
But you do you
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Does moving those goalposts get heavy?
Fact. I would not support anyone who coverd for a man who hit a woman.

You would?
You want to win that bad?

I expected better from you. I mistakenly thought you had honor.

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