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    2 Vs Vanderbilt

    Looking for two vs. Vandy. Not picky where the seats are
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    Smokey eating out of Uga’s bowl

    Could Georgia be the game we win this year we aren't supposed to?..........Absolutely not
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    UT vs Georgia Terrace Tickets for sale.....

    Parking pass included?
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    2 tickets lower level TN vs GA

    Still available?
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    WTB - Pair of Lower Level for SC game

    I’ll take the USC games. Email me
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    Looking for 2-4 lower level for Miss. St or Georgia

    Looking for lower level tickets for these games. Can't believe I want to pay to watch this dumpster fire.
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    4 Lower Level Vanderbilt FOR SALE

    Georgia tickets still available?
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    *****Pick the score contest BYU

    TN- 37 BYU- 27 Giving up 412 yards
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    Former 5-star DT Aubrey Solomon joining the Vols

    I thought this was pretty cool.
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    We played both. Who's better. Pups or Turds?

    I have Georgia winning big like by 17+ points
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    Bold Predictions for Auburn

    It would be awesome. I went to the UGA game and I hate moral victories, but our team did fight in that game especially the defense. I think we come out hungry today. Will we won? I don’t know, but I think we could. Gotta keep from turning the ball over, especially on our side of the field, and...
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    Bold Predictions for Auburn

    Tennessee offense doesn’t start flat with a 3 and out drive.
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    Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs Auburn

    Tennessee-20 Auburn-17 21 completions

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