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    Best SEC Town/City (other than KnoxVegas)

    Oxford then Fayetteville
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    Brian Jean-Mary Hired As LB Coach

    Urban was interested and interviewed him but went another direction. He’s a good coach and recruiter, but he didn’t turn Jacksonville down to go to Tennessee.
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    The Official #19 Tennessee vs. Kentucky Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, CBS

    Brutal game after the early going. Yikes.
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    Brian Jean-Mary Hired As LB Coach

    That’s a really strong hire as a LB coach. He’s been solid for years, and a very strong recruiter in Florida. Was really surprised there was so much unfamiliarity with him.
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    Now it's Tim Banks for DC?

    Pretty sure he’s not their defensive play caller. Pretty sure Pry is. Pry is the full DC, and Banks is the co.
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    And he doesn’t have to recruit. That’s a huge reason some of those guys prefer the NFL lifestyle. There is an actual off-season.
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    Pretty recently. They promoted a quality control guy to fill the staff vacancy (he’s ST coordinator solely) so they did save some money on their staff budget. I imagine there’s a number they don’t want to go over for Washington, but that’s just my guess. They print money though, so who knows.
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    Mattison retired.
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    He’s close to retirement. Not what he’s looking for and the offer wouldn’t matter.

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