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    Ticketmaster Fees

    Yes. They charge the seller 10% then boost the price for the seller on top of that. The University needs to stop this.
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    UT has a new ticket platform

    Trading tickets at game time should still be relatively simple at the stadium, assuming data is accessible. Cash can be given for the tickets at the stadium as usual, then the digital tickets can be immediately transferred to the buyers account. Problem could be with data access. If access is...
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    UT has a new ticket platform

    I spoke to the Vols ticket office Thursday because I found someone who said they had paid $50 to print their tickets. The first response was, "No, all digital." But I pressed, and then he said yes, confirming this was true. They said if a person was buying these tickets from a ticket season...
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    (4) Season Tickets... Section Q, Row 47

    The vols website says the tickets accepted are digital through the app.
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    Digital tickets - buying, selling, transferring Q&A

    So along these same lines, but from a buyer perspective, I have two questions. 1. As a buyer, why would I want to send some someone money to purchase tickets I don't know are real except through a site like ticket master? In other words, before, I could easily meet someone near Knoxville, give...
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    DG's Takeaways from West Virginia

    I thought tackling look bad. Was expecting a much improved defense. Time after time I saw players trying to tackle guys at the shoulders. Was pleased with the progress Guarantano made. Jordan was great!
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    Pruitt vs Venables Poll

    Maybe that's what's taking so long to name a coach...
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    Time to paint the rock again

    Isn't kiffin the suggested name of Knoxvilles waste plant?
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    Time to paint the rock again

    The revenue may vanish if another substandard hire is made. I believe that was a lot to do with the outrage of shiano.
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    *****Giveaway $100 Amazon gift card Round 2

    Better than trying to determine who will be coach. :)
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    Going back for Mel Tucker??

    No where near as good as Leach. Surely this is inaccurate...
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    *****Giveaway $100 Amazon gift card

    You are Freakin awesome. :)
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    Fuente now on the list

    This is definitely incorrect. ESPN was reporting last night Fuente was one of the targets for FSU.
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    Fuente now on the list

    This would be good. Can we compete with FSU for him?

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