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    Portal Strategies

    They still get the first picks from the portal based on their track record. There aren’t that many 4 and 5 stars leaving other programs via the portal. Hence my original statement we get the leftovers
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    Portal Strategies

    Jameson Williams went to Alabama because Ohio State is in peril? Brian Mauer left because Tennessee was in a bad place?
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    Portal Strategies

    The problem is the program not the player? Not sure you’ll convince me on that one. Secondly, Bama, Georgia and Ohio State will get the pick of the transfers. In our position we’re still dealing with the leftovers.
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    NIL - The Death Knell of College Football

    Correct. It’s not exactly new news.
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    Tennessee shockwaves through CB

    Alabama? How damn drunk are you? Their offense Isn’t similar to ours. Bama wishes they had LK back as their OC because he would have carved Auburn up yesterday.
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    V O L S letters

    If you were on Vol twitter you’d know the invite story.
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    Would you take back a ex head coach?

    Whatever you’re drinking or ingesting…. Put that **** down. Drugs are bad for you guy.
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    If Riley Leaves Ok

    If my aunt had a pair of balls she’d be my uncle.
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    That ones on Hooker

    Bigun take your ass out there against the number one defense in the country and not miss any throws. I’ll hang up and listen….
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    Should Tim Banks be replaced at end of season?

    Are you drunk? Did you not know that that defense was supposed to be a liability this year for numerous reasons? Seriously dude. Chill tf out.
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    Did TN pay Pruitt?
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    What gives you confidence in the coaching staff?

    If you don’t have confidence in this staff thus far….I can’t help you. We’ve seen the results of doing more with less.
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    Let's talk about Kentucky for a while

    I have been cocky about beating Kentucky for a while now. If you’ve watched any of their games you can see that they don’t have much offense. They’ve done nothing to impress me.
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    Neyland Stadium name change?

    Nah you didn’t. This guy needed an education.
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    Neyland Stadium name change?

    You’re correct. This clown has no idea what he posted.

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