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    Here is reality. We let UF put up 600 yards….

    #1 this team scores #2 defense gets enough stops to win #3 with successs more good defensive players can be recruited or bought. #4 tell Spyre & NIL cohorts to spend money on defense. We finally have a chance to win games, be happy.
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    Curt Schilling On Tennessee

    I believe Schilling is right and that it when comes to the playoffs you have to play your best (clean and no mistakes).
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    Nico and his Prada glasses @ Elite 11

    The future was a cancer to our football team in his second year. This guys seems like a prima donna to me.
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    '20 DE Ahkeem Mesidore (WVU transfer)

    NIL$, little 12 conference, play for Garner are a few reasons. Hate that CFB has bee ruined by money, but it is what it is.
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    Will Wade

    Dale Brown was an a$$ clown as well. It is what they like down there.
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    PWOs new strategy?

    Is CJH trying to build a walk-on program like Nebraska use to have. I see a few in-state OL committing as PWO. I don’t know that we have done this so publicly recently. # 66 is a current walk-on backup player but has not done a lot yet. Is this to add practice depth, long-term planning or...
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    Tony Elliot

    The UT job was just too big for him. Much less pressure at UVA. And they don’t have an investigation going on. He doesn’t seem like a program builder kind of coach.
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    13 tackles for loss

    Roman Harrison was on fire last night #30. Looked like Tyrone Hines at LB from the past and played in the middle.
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    Has Josh Heupel proven his worth?

    Heuple is doing fine. He is working with so little. If you don't get that, you don't understand. No Tennessee coach in the last 25 years would do this much with so little.
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    End of half coaching

    This offense depends on not letting the defense substitute. If they run plays quick enough the defense can't blitz, or run anything other than a base defense. Calling timeouts gives the defense a chance to regroup and adjust personnel. Also, we probably aren't good enough with our roster without...
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    Old tradition

    Before that it was rolls of TP and then they locked them up when going to the industrial size. The small rolls were like sliced register paper rolls( thing receipts, older calculators). I think throwing anything was then quickly stopped.
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    Vitello Article In Today's Knoxville News Sentinel

    #1 thing right now is pay. Is the next thing stadium upgrades or practice facilities? Do the big boys of baseball have standalone practice facilities? If they build a stadium downtown, I think that comes into part of it too. Is there a major donor to support this?
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    Tell me about Stokely Athletic Center.

    Balconies were on the end and not the sides. The radio crew sat in a contraption hanging from the ceiling, but over the court. Our seats were beside the steps that led out to the catwalk to the broadcast booth. We got to say hello to John Ward a lot. One highlight for me was getting a program...
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    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    PSU had good defensive stats last year so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I hope he does great things. There has been several statements on here about DW wanting an African American coach. Does anyone know if this was specifically based on input from the players? DW did meet with the...
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    That was the best dunk Ive ever seen

    Yes, so much swagger.

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