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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    I understand your deflection because the question goes against your narrative. But, all 3 of the things I mentioned are a main factor in Covid deaths. Every person that I know that died from Covid were either obese, alcoholics, or had lung issues from smoking. I'm not against the Vax. I...
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    I just thought you might have missed some other bad free will decisions that humans make on the daily that you could help to change their minds about. Your path to saving us from Covid is to flood the board with so much pro vax data that people will be convinced. But, I do recognize your...
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    If your the savior of mankind and you care about life so much why aren't you preaching about the other main killers of our population? Shouldn't you be promoting government control over tobacco, obesity, and alchohol abuse. Don't you care about the people who choose to kill themselves with bad...
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    Who in here married a woman or knows someone who married a woman who’s sole purpose was to have a child and never work again?

    This just sounds disastrous to me. The idea of trying to keep multiple women happy is impossible. Jealousy and selfishness usually creeps it's way in resulting in constant fighting or dramatic situations. How could you love all three the same or please all 3 at the same time. Your plan sounds...
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    Vaccine or not?

    Anyone hearing if the new Corbevax vaccine will be available in America? What are the thoughts on this vaccine?
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    Prayers request for my granddaughter again

    Prayers sent!
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    Explain Who You Are with Your Famous Comp

    My high school baseball coach used to tell me " You look like Burt Reynolds, but your not as athletic." I would then tell him he traded legs with a kildeer bird and got beat out of its ass. Those were fun times.
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    Explain Who You Are with Your Famous Comp

    Anyone else seeing SteveO from jackass. Is that his name, cant remember off the top of my head.
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    Vols & Your Other Half

    My wife grew up a vols fan and I started taking her to games when we started dating in high school. She is actually a better fan than I am these days. The past 12 years has caused me stress that I didn't need so I usually quit watching(except for this year) when things started going downhill...
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    Dogs of VolNation and other pets that are inferior to Dogs

    I saw this on tik tok. I wondered how the horse was doing. So sad to hear this. Your friend does great things.
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    The Last Thing You Purchased II

    Nice gun. I dont know what your looking to spend on optics, but if your like me I have a budget. I'm a fan of Swift scopes.
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    Girls of Florida

    I pee on you, drip drip drip
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    Girls of Florida

    What's the vols fan in the back left corner doing ? I'm thinking urinating on texas property. Good for him.
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    The Golf thread II

    Might sound cliche, but I found a Adam's tight lies on ebay for $15 a couple years ago and I love it. I couldnt hit any other fairway wood off the deck until I tried this one. I also can put it in the fairway off the tee when my driver is failing me.
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    Vaccine or not?

    So, the person has to provide the negative test results, right? I'm pretty sure the government is banking on it being almost impossible to get tested every week. Then the company sends the employee home without pay. This is like the tactic of " if your vaccinated then you dont have to wear a...

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