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    The Last Thing You Purchased II

    It looks like a house off the highway in Surgoinsville tn
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    The Golf thread II

    Yep, on some seriously tough greens. I will give credit where due, but I hate it when the European golfers do well. My prejudice results from Ryder Cup golf so I cant stand anyone from across the pond. I'm halfway ok with Australian's, but I want someone from America winning. I strongly...
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    Noticing Actors/Actresses from other movies

    Loved Burgess in Clash of the Titans when I was young
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    The Golf thread II

    Its different than what your used to on most courses that's for sure. It is interesting.
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    The Golf thread II

    I'm going to try and be professional and remain respectful with my comments. Probably should be just a 9 hole course, but the back 9 is at least creative. I wish I would have played the course deeper into the spring. It also didnt help at all that the greens had been plugged and not mowed...
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    The Golf thread II

    I'm going to play Bent Creek Monday. The weather is supposed to he nice. Never played it before. The reviews weren't great, but always wanted to try it once.
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    I think I have a piece of wood in my eye, how do I get it out?

    You got a pic of that stye? I've had some doozies but yours sounds pretty bad.
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    Dogs of VolNation and other pets that are inferior to Dogs

    So sorry to hear that. I dont have any knowledge about the seizures. Have you researched to see if it happens with your breed ?
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    I think I have a piece of wood in my eye, how do I get it out?

    Get a piece of gorilla glue tape and stick to your eye. Then pull. Next go to the hospital and hopefully they can save your eye. On a serious note the Doc is correct. Major irrigation and hope it's out. Eye patch and go to bed. The eye heals itself super quick. Scratched my cornea really badly...
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    Flight suites for Pregnant women

    I literally lol'd. I was thinking the exact same thing.
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    Putting a face with a screen name

    rodney dangerfield last time i saw a mouth like that - Google Search
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    Prayers needed 🙏

    So sorry for you and your family. Prayers will be sent.
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    Best Guitar Solo of All Time

    I was always a fan of the Allman brothers
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    Best Guitar Solo of All Time

    Iove how Eddie flows in this instrumental.

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