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    '10 VA WR Justin Hunter

    Did ambles play any last night vs. Hawaii?
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    '12 AL LB Kwon Alexander

    Have we offered yet?
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    Brandon Warren Is Back?

    If he is going to be back he better get his academic act together. I have a class with him right now and he has been to the lecture 1 time all year and to 2 out of 3 labs. We have an exam on Monday which i bet he is not ready for. I think this is a horrible move and nothing good will come of it.
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    '10 FL LB/DL Christian Jones

    Luginbill is a tard anyway he is FSU bound and rightfully so.
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    Rubio interviewing with USC?

    What was rubio's position with the program anyway??
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    Official Final Class Discussion

    Do you think there could be a just "out of the blue" surprise tomorrow???
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    '10 GA WR Markeith Ambles - USC Commit

    Say we still miss out on this guy, but some how end up with the Rogers kid that is committed to UGA right now. Would say that is a fair trade?? or is Ambles that much better or the other way around???
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    Lance Is At The BBall Game

    Who's Rubio???
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    What I want for Christmas...

    I love how some fans are just never happy with anything. David Oku has given us something on special times that we have not had in quite a while. I would like to know who you think would be doing a better job than him on this team?
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    '10 FL OL Torrian Wilson

    I hope you are correct. He would be a really nice addition to a rebuilding o-line.
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    Phil Fulmer to (fill in the blank) thread...merged

    This would be a complete flop for ND. There big time boosters would definitely not like that.
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    Chic-fil-a bowl ticket question

    This is what bigorangetix is saying right now about student tickets. Bowl Game Update It is anticipated that the VOLS will be selected to participate in a bowl game. In that event, the following will occur: * A limited number of bowl game tickets will be made available for students...
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    Kentucky game on the internet?

    I am unable to watch the game because i do not have ESPNu. Does anyone know if and where the game may be broadcast online?
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    Official Tennessee at Kentucky Game Thread - ESPNU (7 PM)

    Anyone know if the game tonight will be streamed online. I do not have espnu and i checked espn360 and did not see it.
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    Just walked by some football players on campus

    Do you actually think these players are going to be charged?

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