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    How would yall feel about Lincoln Riley?

    How would you feel about Nick Saban? Did you really post this?
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    Two starters who entered the portal will stay

    I'm not buying the grades thing for Wanya.. If I remember correctly Orlando "Zeus" Brown who was a long time commit here, but Butch and staff were worried he couldn't get in because of grades and then he went on to play for OU. Not 100% sure on that, but pretty sure.
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    I think I dislike Pruitt more than Jones or Dooley

    None of the Three are great coaches, but If the 3 Butch is clearly above the rest. 1)Butch- Beat UF, UGA x2, gave Bama 1 good game, we did win 3 bowl games in a row, and finish is the top 25. 2)Pruitt- Did win 8 games, beat a decent Auburn team in Year 1. 3)Dooley- 0 winning seasons, lost...
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    Season Ticket Refunds

    Pants vs Mask is two different things. I wonder how many times you’ve been inside Neyland. Breathing>>>Ball sweat friend. The thought of sitting in the September heat breathing through a nasty Sweaty mask just seems like misery to me. I’d rather set my butt at home. I’m prepared to die on that hill.
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    This is the 1st full season for my Vol Man Cave. Thought some might enjoy seeing it.

    That is one of the best Volcaves i’ve seen yet. Nice!
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    Season Ticket Refunds

    I’m pretty sure that they will be required too, but they need to make it official and give info on what canceling would look like for those like myself that have no interest in attending a game like that.
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    I still don't understand all the animosity toward Butch Jones

    He was the HC for record wise the worst team in Tennessee history. He wasted one of the most talented teams we’ve had in in 20 years. All he could get out them was a mediocre bowl wins. I understand the lack of love, I don’t get folks saying he was worse than Dooley.... Dooley was and still is...
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    Season Ticket Refunds

    I’ve seen that too, but what about a mask requirement? If they require a mask and some don’t want to wear one will they get the option to cancel and get a refund?
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    Season Ticket Refunds

    They just need to announce something! 25%, 30%, or 100%....Mask or No mask... Full refunds or not, we’re a little over a month out from the scheduled start of the season. NFL teams are doing it, other schools are starting to do it. They have my money for 2020, but how they handle this will...
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    Its ok to admit it

    I am Football fan, I will always be a Vol fan, but I've noticed my attention and spending has shifted to the Pro's. I am going to the Falcons/Titans game next week. I like the smoothness of the Pro game. So I feel like the Vols has shifted to #2 behind the Falcons. I don't even get...
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    The black cleats makes our uniforms feel high school/cheap... Dump them!
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    The Stop Being Negative Thread (merged)

    Hooooorrayyyyy our first "true fan" post of the season : (
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    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    Black cleats suck period.
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    Think yesterday was bad? Try being a wolverine

    And just how many playoff games has OSU and UM played in again? How many Championships have they won?...... That's the point! 3* win games, but 4 and 5's win championships.
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    A little Recruiting Perspective

    Da'Rick Rogers 5* Justin Hunter 4* Jacques Smith 4* Raijon Neal 4* Dave Clark 4* Eddrick Loften 4* James Stone 4* That's what Derek Dooley did in two weeks.. TWO WEEKS!! Those aren't Kiffin's EE's.

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