The Official Chicago Cubby Bears Thread

Uneffingbelievable, traded the team. Bryant to the Giants and Baez to the damn Mets. Plus, Kimbrel to the Southside, I think I'm going to be sick
As a life long Cubs fan who cried when they won the World Series in 2016, I would just like to say that baseball is stupid and I never liked it.
All right, I took the Cubs +1.5, both teams scoreless in the 1st, DK boost and Suzuki to hit a HR. "I'm a Cubs Fan and a Bud Man", in the immortal words of Harry Carey
Ricketts got his TV channel, conned cable systems into buying it, subscribers had no choice, but to pay more for it - no longer cares about these losers
Here is the Cubs Swanson avatar I began using today.
I enjoy it has Swanson wearing the Cubs blue Jersey, and it’s an action image because he’s throwing a baseball.
Swanson wearing a Cubs white jersey which has thin stripes, and he’s holding a baseball.

I wanted something creative so I choose this custom made Cubs Swanson photo that also has his name Swanson, the Cubs head logo, and the Cubs logo.

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