The Official Chicago Cubby Bears Thread

Cubs are going to win the NL Central. Brewers and Reds should have put us away while they had the chance. Won 3 out of 4 from the Central leading Reds, at the time and 2 out of 3 from the best team in baseball. All my buddies have been saying the Cubs were only beating bad teams on their win streak. Now, all I hear is "crickets"
Great off day for the Cubs. Miami lost, 3 games back, now, in the Wildcard race. Reds and Arizona lost, now 2.5 back, along with SF. Brewers won, but we are't catching 'em, anyway, probably. So, with 15 games left, we are in great shape to at least, win the second WC spot. I'll take it.

Btw, Justin Steele can win the Cy Young. Strider winning and striking out 10, last night, didn't help. But, Steele's last 2 or 3 starts are going to be huge for the Cubs and the Cy Young
Cubs are done, put a fork in 'em. Alzolay got hurt and I jinxed Steele (or maybe the clock struck midnight), then the effing wheels fell off. Oh well, it was fun for a couple of months

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