The Grill and BBQ thread

Oct 21, 2004
Someone on here has 1. I was getting one for Christmas but their deliveries were delayed so I cancelled.

I think the biggest issue is "don't turn your back!" These things cook quickly. They look cool as all get out.
thanks - I realized I'll use one like 2x/year so I'm on to spending money on something else.


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Sep 15, 2011
considering an Ooni.

Who has one and which one did you get? Gas seems easiest.

I have one. Love it. Easy and quick now. I have the Ooni Fyra and use the pellets. The wife got it for me for Christmas and was going to get the gas one, but I wanted the wood fired one. The only issue I have is that my chimney pipe will not come off, It's like it is melded in there now. There are a few people on the Ooni forums that have had that issue, but it looks like it will free up over time and use.

It arrived in May and I have used it probably 10 times @ 3-4 pizzas per use, so approximately 35 pizzas I have done. Be prepared for some burnt ugly pizzas the first few times you use it. After the small learning curve, it's a breeze.

My biggest problem is not with the Ooni, it's with getting the pizza dough stretched out lol. It takes me much longer to spread the dough than it does to cook the pizza.

Make sure you flour the heck out of your pizza peel when you are putting it in the Ooni or you will run the risk of ripping the pizza and will have a mess to clean up off of the pizza stone. Also, don't load it down with toppings, that makes it harder to slide in as well. I recommend a wood peel to put into the oven and I use a steel peel to take it out to turn it. Everybody has their preferences and you will find your routine and what works best for you too. There are tons of videos on YouTube and that's where I learned a lot my best practices.

If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them or point you in the right direction. The Ooni community forums on the Ooni website are a great source of information as well.

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