Tennessee, Virginia AG's Sue NCAA

Not sure if posted, but it seems like the states of Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Texas will be the next ones to potentially sign on with Tennessee and Virginia
Dabo Swinney and Shane Beamer appeared before the SC Legislature asking for the exact kind of state law preventing NCAA interference with NIL.

Good for Clemson and the Gamecocks!
BREAKING: Tennessee and Virginia's request for a TRO against the NCAA has been denied.

The TRO would have lifted the NCAA's ban on athletes talking to collectives about NIL during their recruitment.
While Tennessee and Virginia aren't granted TRO, the Judge notes: "Considering the evidence currently before the Court, Plaintiffs are likely to succeed on the merits of their claim under the Sherman Act."


Is this like predicting that one football team will likely beat another football team only to see them lose because they did not think they needed to prepare to play?

These type of cases have a way of not going like folks think they will. A new judge, new court, new case ...

Everyone should prepare themselves for both outcomes - just saying.

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