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Anyone going to be out at any of the bars on Broadway in Nashville tonight?? Heading that way after dinner with the wife later, probably to Luke’s rooftop (she’s a fan smh lol) first rounds on me!

Free Booze?

I’m trying to figure out why they have been calling all of Ben Joyce’s pitches Sinkers….. because they don’t Sink…

If anything it’s the Mystical Rising Fastball. Due to the rotation and speed the ball is thrown with I think that’s what it should be classified as. A Rising Fastball.
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Yep. High cholesterol is a symptom of systemic inflammation, which is driven by a combination of genetics, diet, lifestyle, etc...but very little to do with the intake of dietary cholesterol specifically.

A high starch/sugar diet will drive up my cholesterol and triglycerides far faster than red meat and saturated fats, but that's heavily on genetics. The real crime in diet is the emphasis on any single food or food group being good or bad for everyone, rather than recognizing that what might be poison for one is beneficial for another. The only meaningful measure is how it affects *your* inflammation markers.

Interesting stuff 👍

Is there a test or company that offers a way to see what your profile is? I've long been interested in Glycemic Index, but never considered how it could also affect cholestrol.
As someone who partakes in a low carb diet, I eat a lot of meat. Pork, beef, poultry, and fish. I don't eat much of any grains, potatoes, carrots and many other vegetables. Obviously, little to no sugar. Taking on this diet, I had concerns with cholesterol. My cholesterol has always been very good. My cholesterol dropped after going low carb.

I like the idea of moderately low carb. ~50 net a day.

I've also tried the super low carb, high fat keto and just can't take it. I feel like I'm just constantly shoveling oils, meats, and butter down my throat 😅
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@Weezer, sorry for bringing this here, but I just read the exchange between you and Rusty in the other forum. I started to comment, but when I see someone doubling down on something, there’s no changing minds. No one likes for something to backfire on them, and that’s what happened here.
I don’t know his final decision, no.

I do know that his family is leaving the decision to him, as they should.
I know his mother prefers Tennessee.
I know distance isn’t a big factor.
I know there’s a lot of pressure to stay home (not from family but I’ve been told his father seems to prefer UGA).
This kid was ALL Clemson until recently. It’s been his dream school for a long time. Somethings changed there but I’m not sure why.
I don’t believe NIL is a big factor at all.

I feel like I’m sitting in front of a fortune teller. Nearly all of these things could be learned or guessed just based on basic knowledge of a highly touted Ga kid being recruited to TN.
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