Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III


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Nov 11, 2012
I have a feeling my salesman may be on this site since he is around UT football. But it’s an 18 roush edition. Listed for 50. But the chatt dealer has 9 of them new for 51,600. Just don’t have my color. Want to be around 46,900 before trade. They have my info and said they would contact me if they decide to drop the price. I didn’t tell them where I want to be on price yet.
Sharp. Is the roush the V8 or the Ecoboost V6? What does Roush do with the motor?


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Oct 17, 2012
how can it lead to a deeper value if there is no objective reality or morality?
I’m not sure what philosophical ideas you’re thinking about, but nihilism is not the belief that there is no objective reality. No inherent meaning or purpose? Sure. But reality is reality.

If it is all subjective then there is nothing inherently wrong with murdering a man, raping a child , etc.
Yep. That’s definitely terrifying. But just because it’s not inherently wrong doesn’t mean we can’t come to a common consensus that those are acts we should safeguard each other against for our individual and collective well being. Not that mankind has always done so ☹

There are 2 miracles that must be considered that we all believe in. The creation of matter, time and space... the beginning..... and the creation of life. One must believe it was caused or uncaused, both miracles. If it was caused then to avoid an infinite regression you must end at a final uncaused source which many believe to be a creator.
Not all do, though, and that isn’t the only possible conclusion that can be arrived at. Many do, sure. And there may be one. It’s impossible to prove anything meaningful about what kind of entity that is, what it’s motivations are, and whether or not it even gives a crap about the universe or has taken a second glimpse at it since the wheels were set in motion billions of years ago.

The origin of information seems to me a very formidable defeater for proponents of the uncaused. They are subjects worth thinking about for sure
Information originates once there are beings intelligent enough to observe their surroundings, learn about it, and pass on what they’ve learned.


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May 22, 2018
No offense, but I don't think that's much of a debate. That's like a step above the flat-earth thing.
Sorry bud but the memes my 65 year old aunt shares from the Facebook group, "Vaccines Cause Liberalism" said that vaccines are bad so you cant disagree with it.

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