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Nov 13, 2009
Hard to believe Chadwell, Campbell, Kiffin, Freeze all said no or weren’t offered, but that is looking like it is actually true.

I will bet anybody Freeze is on staff at Bama in the next 3 years in some capacity and not one person will care or one media story run that berates it.

I’ll be on board with Heupel....but as soon as the “he needs 5 years” and “he inherited a dumpster fire” talk starts after losing games in embarrassing and inexplicable fashion I’m out. Not entertaining it anymore. At a place like this it should be expected to steamroll KY, Vandy, Mizz, and USC on a yearly basis, right out of the gate.
No doubt Heupel is walking into a dumpster fire. That's just a fact. I'm not convinced he can put it out. People will buy in and support him and make excuses if needed, just like was done with Dooley, Butch, and Pruitt. I don't cheer for the coach, I cheer for the team. I'll make no excuses for Heupel. Still hoping he somehow works out, just not feeling jazzed about him being the guy. My excitement is currently gone. Hopefully I can find some optimism after I'm done being disappointed.


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Aug 21, 2010
Why would big name assistants want to come here when big name head coaches don't want to come here. Why would it be any different?
Having said that I realize their are a lot of good coaches out there that you have never heard of.

It is what it is.....we are starting over from scratch. This is a long build back up. No short fixes with the position that we have put ourselves in.
Jim Chaney and other big name coaches came here to work for a guy that had never even been a head coach


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Nov 19, 2014
The absolute biggest thing is for JH is to assemble a good staff. Coaches that can recruit, not the other way around. He’s gonna have to find kids for his system on offense and in the South that shouldn’t be a problem.

Gotta get good position coaches. Especially on the lines. That’s where we need the most help
We also need DBs and DL. Our defense is going to be very bad next year regardless
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Oct 23, 2014
Long post, so feel free not to read. Looking at this from three hats I have worn: AD, HC,(albeit on the HS level in Ga) and fan.
Totally understand that fans are disappointed. Wish fans who are disappointed would direct their anger at Fullmer and Pruitt. The AD was charged by his bosses to hire the best candidate he could get given the circumstances. When you have a major culture problem the conventional wisdom is you go in a 180 degree different direction. Your former coach alienated everyone around him and was impossible to work with or for. He was a Defensive minded coach who had schemes that were so complex no one understood them, and instead of adjusting he blamed the players and asst. coaches. You look for the big splash, but find out quickly that big splashes like to stay put and not risk damaging their reputation. So you look for someone you can trust who has integrity and has a track record of putting points on the board. You ride with who you know and then give him the resources (Asst Coaches) to be successful. You have to see a bigger picture than your fast-food, media driven fan base.

As a coach, if I were sitting at a P5 school and had success and a good reputation, I would not take this job at this time. As a coach at a lower level school I would take it ONLY if I knew and trusted the administration. Good coaches will tell you without the right administrators most people will fail. As a fan, I hate that UT could not get the "name". Sometimes though names are more about hype than results. I wanted an innovative coach with a wide open, adaptable Offense. Got that. Also wanted a high energy guy who would be good on the recruiting trail. Not sure about that yet. I will support the man and give him a chance.
Last and I will shut up. Tennessee despite its issues still has a lot going for it. Be mad if you want, but don't give up.
Christians on here: Pray for Coach Heupel, his family, Coach White and the rest of the Administration.
No. Blame Fulmer and Pruitt for the last 3 years.
Blame Boyd and Plowman for doing the same UT thing that their predecessors did.
Giving the AD 2 list.
List A , the one with the best available coaches that would like to come here but we won’t let you hire them.
List B: top coaches that won’t come here.
Now go hire us a coach
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