'24 MS ATH Daniel Hill


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Jan 6, 2013
Then how about you try being precise instead of talking about who makes more more or that recruiting is older than recruiting services. Make your argument concisely and then perhaps, others will be able to follow it. Not that much to ask.
Around that circle…arguing with the exit sign. 😴


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Apr 7, 2007
So you know every scout working for our program and every other program and you can claim 100% none of them have worked for a recruiting site?

You’re just openly lying at this point. You seem to think not being coaches or not working for a university devalues their opinions, which is ridiculous. Especially given Chad Simmons who created most of the recruiting sites we know was a coach.

You’re just grasping for straws as to why you disagree with recruiting services. Yet over and over they’re proven right on the field.

Edit: Simmons works for terry. Terry created the sites and was a former high level athlete. Simmons works for him and was a former coach. I’m sure plenty more of their staff have similar backgrounds (not that it matters)
You claim that I claim to know every scout at every college program, then tell me I’m lying about that, even though I didn’t claim it. That’s called a straw man. It’s a logical fallacy.

You’re really bad at argumentation.

If you can’t figure out why these recruiting “experts” aren’t all being picked up in droves by college programs, there’s no sense in trying to give you a map you can’t read.

Just go by the recruiting stars and rankings. It’s just easier. And ultimately, it’s what you can wrap your head around.


Sep 7, 2011
Hill recently sliced his double-digit offer sheet down to 10 and is aiming to have a commitment sooner rather than later as a mid-year graduate. “I graduate early, so this time next year I’ll be at a school,” Hill told On3. “So I have to make a decision pretty soon. I had to narrow things down a bit, but my recruitment is still open.”
The Vols are also heavily in the mix and running backs coach Jerry Mack is a big reason why. “They’re high-powered offense last year … they think I can do anything on the offensive side of the ball, so I like it,” he. said. “Coach Mack thinks I can be the next great running back at Tennessee.” Alabama, Auburn, South Carolina are a few of the SEC teams making a run at Mississippi’s No. 2-ranked recruit.

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