2022 NFL Offseason Thread

Russell Wilson gets 5-year x $245m extension locking him down thru 2028. With only $165M guaranteed, to Denver it's more like a 3-year extension with the option to keep him 5. I assume it's backloaded that way the cap hit isn't big while he's still in his prime. Broncos won't mind eating the big cap hit if/when we are ready to cut him because we'll be rebuilding.

I think he's only a $27m-$28m cap hit these last 2 years of his old contract.

What was the hurry with this extension?
I just lost in the dynasty fantasy championship. I have everybody coming back, including Javonte Williams, Jerry Jeudy, and Courtland Sutton, whose fantasy value just increased 33%. If I don't win next year, I may swear off fantasy forever. 12 keepers:

Tee Higgins
D Cook

Tyler Boyd
Rhamondre Stevenson

HTF did I lose with Burrow, Kupp, Kamara, and Cook healthy down the stretch? Unbelievable.

Well, Kupp and Javonte ended up on IR, Russell Wilson busted so Sutton and Jeudy weren't ****. And Kamara and Cook fell off. I was still awesome but was the heavy underdog in the final and had 3 guys playing MNF. They declared us co-champs and we split the pot 38/62 based on our win probability.

My first fantasy crown...so fitting.

Gotta do something about my RB's but got Olave and Watson as WR's of the future.

Seems like you just go no contest and seed based on win %. The concern over "equity" is silly because the schedules are not even or fair anyway, so eliminating the easiest solution because of fairness isn't valid. Also, no bye in the AFC isn't exactly fair because the NFC 1 seed gets a bye. And expanding the field in the NFC isn't fair to that 1 seed.

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