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    Vote for our vols

    College basketball's 'greatest of all time' bracket -- South region breakdown
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    GIVE HIM SIX - Vanderbilt Edition

    Good read, I love the pics to back up his points being made. This team definitely has it's problems. And where they originate from is hard to determine. You could say we missed a lot of assignments and got beat in our blocking schemes, but I think some of that is also on the youth and lack...
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    Who Wants To Fire Butch?

    I agree to have the mentality to never lose to Vandy. That's the only way a competitor should think. But if you think we should beat them no matter what players each team has, then no I don't agree with that. As bad as I hate to admit it, they have more playmakers. Plain and simple.
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    Who Wants To Fire Butch?

    I'll admit I got a little defensive with my support this team or get out thread. But I'm pretty sure I never accused anyone of wanting to fire Butch. My problem with the fan base are the meltdowns after a tough loss. People go crazy with there thoughts on why we lost or what we should have...
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    Muschamp as DC?

    I think Tennessee tried to go the non conservative route once before and it backfired. Thanks a lot Kiffin! I'm not saying I disagree that we should hire him, but I don't think Hart and his money men would take the chance. Especially after one season with our current staff.
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    I want Riley Ferguson

    The fact that this is a serious suggestion blows my mind.....
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    Support the team or

    All I can say is, Wow! I'm ignorant, not a real fan, etc..... Tennessee is a major college SEC program. And I always want them to win. And since we are Tennessee with our rich tradition, success has to be demanded. I GET THAT! BUT, REALITY says that this program has been through hell...
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    Support the team or

    Blame Dooley! These are his kids with his coaching. How bout waiting for Butch to get his players and for him to coach them. Then if we still suck we can bash him too.
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    A telltale sign at the Vol Walk

    That made me laugh
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    Support the team or

    Then go jump on a bandwagon somewhere and STFU! Why sit here and complain. I'm all about reality, not what should be happening. This team doesn't have the talent or the advantage of being in the same system for several years to be successful. Go back and look at how many players we've lost in...
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    Support the team or

    I do. I'll try to mature but it's hard sometimes. :( But I really just want our team to win again. I'm so sick of losing! My main point of this post was to make the point that recruits may read all this garbage. If I were on here crying and complaining all the time along with everyone...
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    Support the team or

    I think our roster has a ceiling on just how well they can play. There's a serious depth problem on this team. I think Butch did what he had to do to keep us in the game. I don't think it's fair to bash the job he's doing with this roster. A freshman QB and a poor group of wr's led to us...
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    Support the team or

    Ha! Maybe? I might have accidently done that in my rush to b!tch and moan.
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    Support the team or

    Ok, let me clarify my views of being a UT fan. It is hard I know, when we lose it pisses me off. I'm no different than other fans in that regard. But I don't see it being the coaches fault. Have you read the "Best coaching staff in America" or the "Butch Jones post game comments" threads?
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    Support the team or

    I was pissed off, but I also saw this team fight. Which is the first step to us getting better. Just imagine what we would've done with last year's staff. Vandy would've beaten us by at least three touchdowns.

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