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    Florida Man personifies all that is wrong with the state

    It looks like a drunk, partially shorn Furby...yikes.
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    What was the first, best and worst concert you attended?

    Best concert I've ever attended: Zappa Plays Zappa @ the Tabernacle, Atlanta, 2006. Dweezil was the leader of the band, no doubt...but he had some familiar faces from his dad's heyday present as well (Steve Vai, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Terry Bozzio, and Denny Whalley). Great show! Added bonus was...
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    Guten tag
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Yup. I grew up in another town maybe an hour and a half or so away from Albany and remember that as well. "Awl-binny" was (and remains) a rough place.
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Yup, something similar happened in Albany, Georgia (two heavily-attended funerals were the jumping-off point). It was crazy, for a while I believe Albany/Dougherty Co. had a higher infection count and death count than Fulton or Dekalb counties. Albany is not on any interstate highways, doesn't...
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    Just curious - Would you go to Neyland now?

    Nah, not me. Dad's up there in age, as well as having asthma...and going to the game wouldn't be the same without my father/best friend. If he can wait, I can hold off as well.
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    What are you doing in quarantine?

    I'm working from home, keeping in touch with friends and family, running out of stuff to watch on Prime and Netflix, and reading more. Aside from not commuting to work 5 days a week, not going to the grocery store once a week, and not hitting up weekend brunch at my favorite neighborhood...
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Well, that pretty much confirms what a lot of folks have been saying all along. Xi Jinping (aka Winnie the Flu) and the ChiComs put their party's stability above the health of millions at home and abroad by virtue of their actions. Human trash, the lot of them...
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Welp, just got an email from the office listserv that someone (unidentified) from our office is being treated for symptoms associated with the C19 virus. Last time we were all working from the office was 3/13. I guess that technically puts the rest of us inside the potential exposure envelope...
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Baylor School? The former headmaster of the school I attended in south Georgia is the headmaster there! Small world!
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    At this point the brunt of the impact here is being felt by the restaurants, bars, shops, etc...I've left my apartment complex once in the past 10 days or so, so I don't have much of a view of how things are around town. We're under a 'voluntary' 24hr shelter in place order that runs through...
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Yup. There have been several more cases here in Clarke County too. My office has been telecommuting since 3/16, and while we're supposedly set to return to "normal" on the 30th of March, something tells me that's not in the cards given the shelter-in-place ordinance the county commission passed...
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    CFN predicts UT win total

    My armchair guess is 8 or 9 regular season wins, potentially dropping one we shouldn't and/or potentially pulling out an improbable win over a UF/GA/etc. Not a single game on the schedule is a foregone conclusion,'s hoping the team forces the chips to fall our way through their...
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    Vol scientists doing work! UT may have found a cure for Coronavirus

    Proactive responses like this are exactly what is needed...even if the proposed solution doesn't work 100%, perhaps it could lead to one that does. I'm glad to hear the best and brightest are giving it their all!
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    Scott Cochran to UGA as on-the-field Coach per Bruce Feldman (merged)

    Come on...the legendary Sal Sunseri carries with him all the star power that staff needs, and then some. But yeah, you're absolutely right.

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