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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Flu shots have been shown to help reduce disease severity and mortality in vulnerable populations, although effectiveness varies yearly. The Covid shots seem to work the same, but I’m not sure they’re even as reliable or long lasting as traditional annual flu shots. But one thing has still...
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    That's racist!

    So….if you don’t live in an urban area, you’re racist. The United States of Confederate America - NewsBreak
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    Vaccine or not?

    SIAP… Video: Biden thanks Coast Guard hero being kicked out over vaccine mandate - NewsBreak
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    Vaccine or not?

    Incidence of myocarditis/pericarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination among children, younger adults in the US - NewsBreak
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    Vaccine or not?

    28/100,000 shots Thrombosis patterns and clinical outcome of COVID-19 vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis - PubMed
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    Vaccine or not?

    See….mitigated symptoms. Which means the shot is a personal medical choice, not a public health issue. Those people should be encouraged to speak to their physician but individual risk assessment. Not cajoled or mandated. And that still doesn’t explain the US CDC as the worldwide outlier in...
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    Vaccine or not?

    It that’s exactly the point. It became clear that they WERE effective in the older (mainly >65) population in reducing severity of disease. That effect has not carried over, especially to pediatric populations. And yet universities are still mandating college students be boosted to be on campus...
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    Vaccine or not?

    It became quite clear a little over a year ago that the vaccine wasn’t going to keep you from getting Covid. And it’s become quite clear that it won’t prevent you from spreading Covid. The continued recommendation of boosters for “all who are eligible” is clearly not in accordance with what is...
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    New York City

    Love NYC. Hadn’t been for a couple years for obvious reasons. Got to spend the weekend there. Had a great time as usual, but saw this sticker on all NYPD vehicles that I had never seen before…..
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

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    Sellout the rest of the year?

    I guess so. We all know it doesn’t grow on Rocky Top 😳😬😳
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    Anyone else see Tua hurt his back?

    A concussion expert says Tua Tagovailoa's stiffened hands were 'primitive' response that suggests damage to brain's cortex - NewsBreak
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    Vaccine or not?

    Got vax in Jan 2021. Have had Covid in December 2021 and May 2021. No more shots for me.
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    Republicans Opposing Legal Immigration

    Pelosi: Florida farmers need immigrants to 'pick the crops'
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    President Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    This opinion article should’ve been headlined “But Trump!” What Joe Biden's memory lapse about the late Jackie Walorski really told us - NewsBreak

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