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    With the many options for entertainment increasing, the game of football could lose an entire generation of fans. Decades of losing football could lead to empty seats at all games for the foreseeable future. If you don't capture the imagination and loyalty of young people will they ever become fans?
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    Do we have the only delusional fans that make ridiculous hilarious predictions? 1-2 team is going to blast a Top 10 on the road

    Power off tackle to set up playaction on offense. Stop the run and make the new Quarterback make turnovers.
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    New Blood = New Culture

    Sorry. Typing too fast. It is a great looking uniform.
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    When one is a hole, quit digging it deeper. Some posters want to change coaches as soon as a problem arises. We tried and suck at that approach. Give him 3 years then evaluate. Or be non-competitive for the foreseeable future by having 5 coaches per decade. May be the best play under the...
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    New Blood = New Culture

    If one looks at the orange color from the 50s uniforms, they look intimating as orange can be. Looks fantastic.
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    For those who want a coaching change

    If coach Bryant took the job, some would say he drinks bourbon, smokes continually, curses, cheats, chaises the ladies, Gamble's, etc... He was an ultimate winner. Vol fans would still not be satisfied.
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    The reality of the current situation is- A. Coach is here unless a major scandal. B-. The quarterback, barring injury, will start. Under this scenario, if the young men keep playing hard and improving then a solid foundation will be set. Then the team can grow because of this basic foundation...
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    Just saw Finebaum on Golic and Wingo.....Yikes!

    Needs third read- throw it out of the stadium. Anything to avoid a negative play.
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    Trying to stay positive

    The reality is Coach Pruitt isn't leaving, JG is the Quarterback. From a strategic view, if the team improves and always play with maximum effort then you start from a strong foundation and give Coach Pruitt a chance to get where we need to be. Or start over and 3 years later be on the same...
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    Doug Matthews Blunt Take On Vols Loss

    Just offer him a million dollars per victory. It's on him to earn it. It would be an awesome challenge for him.
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    The Worst is Yet to Come (long)

    We are rapidly approaching the point of irrelevance of the program and apathy of the fan base. If it is not corrected ASAP, this 15 year decline will have no bottom till Tennessee is like S.M.U. Trying to recover from the Death Penalty of our own making.
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    Now that I have had time to reflect

    This program is at another turning point again. From a supporters point of view, patience will not be a virtue. It would seem to me this will be a 5 year minimum struggle. This will more than likely get worse. Unbelievable.
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    Do the players even care?

    2005 is the starting point. At the start of that season the program was a top ten program historically and currently at that time. In 15 years it has fallen as fast and as far as any I can think of. Truly disheartening.
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    Pruitt, Tennessee, and me.

    Very well stated. Reminds one of a classic statement by Michael Ray Richardson, " the ship be sinking."
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    Tennessee football in 2029?

    As the football program keeps the downward trend going, where will the program be in a decade from now?

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