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    Worst football trip in SEC

    88 Bama home loss. 9-6. And someone thru a JD through our Bronco window.
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    Craziest place you’ve heard a “Go Vols”?

    I’ve heard it in France, Germany, Belgium, Hodurus, Belize, And most everywhere I’ve traveled since I always rock Tennessee. Craziest was in the wilderness of Idaho when I ran into a hunter who gave me a Go Vols. Had to be dropped off by plane and I was surprised to run into him especially a...
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    Last Year I Quit a Job...

    I got in a huge fight with my now wife that’s i wouldn’t do a fall wedding. She said we would do a bye week. I said I refused a fall wedding because at some point our anniversary would be on a game day and I be the bad guy for my Big Orange priority’s. She from Alaska and still doesn’t...
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    Game ending Dunk

    I honestly hate you.
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    What was the controversy?

    He has the flu
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    Granny and the BasketVols

    So my granny who recently passed away had 20+ of these made in 1980. Guess what I’m wearing today. GO VOLS!
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs. Missouri Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    Best game time for Mtn Time zone. Get home. Take care of kids before beer and Vols victory.
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    Monday Before signing day.

    Rock is rumored because he’s a huge star and it’s hes favorite movie. Still not confirmed it’s him. It’s all in the reflexes
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    BTO’s South Carolina postgame report

    I just about teared up. Damn Vols are good people.
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    BTO’s South Carolina postgame report

    No but there about to open the first one In Kalispell
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    BTO’s South Carolina postgame report

    I’d pay $20 if someone would mail me Bojangels to Montana.
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    Will this finally settle the Manning - Brady debate?

    This point shouldn’t be over looked. Why I think peytin is the best. Patriots have the best coach and system. Cassel proved it.
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    Being #1

    Seriously, unless we lose the next 10 we won’t be under the radar for anyone. Ride #1 baby into April
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    BTO’s Arkansas postgame report

    Virginia would beat #9 and #1 this week if they win Saturday. That could warrant #1 in AP and there already #1 in coaches. Duke won’t stay #1 if they win. They’ll drop to 4

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