Whisky, bourbon or scotch and what's your favorite?

Seems to be a seasonal thing for me. Buy several bottles to sip over the winter months, but have yet to buy one this spring or summer.
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Had EH Taylor, Somkewagon, and 1792 single barrel last weekend at my buddies cabin in Clayton ga. First time I'd had that 1792 and loved it. Also if I had to leave tn for some reason I think I could live in north ga. Beautiful area
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I've had the 1,2,3, and 4. Chapter 4 was least of those for me. Haven't had the 5 or 6 yet. New riff has a couple of good bottles.
I bought a ch 6 after winning it in a lottery. I didn’t know anything about it but liked the packaging. I haven’t opened it yet so maybe I will like it but reading about it has made me regret the purchase.

Drinking some Old Forester Barrel Proof bourbon tonight. So good but very difficult to find, so I am going to miss it once it is gone

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