When Saban retires, what would CJP do if Bama called

Aug 7, 2009
If Saban called him right now and told him he was retiring?
Then yes, he's probably sitting by his phone tonight just in case. Hope we can find a replacement before season starts, or do you think they will name an interim for this season and look for a replacement after season? Who do you think will be available after season? Hope Pruitt isn't as good at Bama as we hoped he would be here.


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Sep 28, 2014
I hate to say it, but I hope he goes to Bama, if he does, this means he has had nothing but Great Years at UT-an SEC championship or two, along with at least one Naty. But when you look at what needs to happen for them to make the offer, he may just want to stay, as UT would have become, what we once were-the best program in the Nation.


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May 21, 2014
I think it is hard to say anyone is being built up as a successor right now.

The catch 22 I always had with Pruitt being the hire was that what if he leaves us for Bama post Saban? I say this assuming that Dabo says no, Bama freaking out and making a huge offer to Kirby to try to get him to leave UGA only for him to say no.... If you're Bama and you have Pruitt has done well at Tennessee (a few SEC title game appearances, maybe a playoff berth) in 4-5 years, or whenever Saban retires, what would be better than stealing a Bama alum from your rival that is on the uppity up?

With that said if Bama is poaching our coach, that means Pruitt will have been a massive success. Regardless of the fact, I think Fulmer's final two (Pruitt and Mel Tucker) were solid candidates. My preference was Tucker just because of the Pruitt-Bama angle.

I think there is no significant reason that Pruitt would stay at Tennessee just because he built the program his way over getting a chance to go home. I won't hold that against him because if we were in the same boat to still a Tennessee Alum coaching at Bama, we'd all be stoked to do it.

Fact of the matter is that Pruitt's only shot at Bama means he has to win here and have Dabo, Kirby, and maybe someone else say no... I think his only route to Bama is winning and being the 3rd or 4th option.....

With that said, I think the combo of Pruitt and Chaney is helpful for not just Tee as you mentioned, but Ansley as well.
Does CJP still have a chance?

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