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Mar 11, 2009
The key takeaway: drug testing has gotten so good and minor contamination of food and supplements so rampant that the agency has raised the allowed levels on several banned substances to keep innocent fighters from getting suspended.

“Even now in the U.S., we’re seeing prescription medications bought from reputable pharmacies that are made over in India and China,” USADA CEO Travis Tygart told MMA Fighting. “And they have levels of contamination that are totally fine from a health and safety standpoint and the FDA isn’t concerned with the low level of contamination but it’s such given the technology in the laboratory that it will cause a positive test.”

Included in the list of substances is LGD-4033, which is what Nate Diaz tested positive for leading up to his UFC 244 bout with Jorge Masvidal. DHCMT was also there, which is that pesky metabolite that’s still
pulsing around in Jon Jones’ system.
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