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Sep 7, 2018
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Dec 9, 2009
List all the first basemen not named Lou Gehrig that had a better career.
Jimmie Foxx (534 HRs), Harmon Killebrew (573 HR's), Willie McCovey (521 HR's), Eddie Murray (504 HR's), Frank Thomas (521 HR's), Jim Thome (612 HR's), Stan Musial (3630 hits) for starters.

Gehrig's stat line is .313 avg, .447 obp, .632 slg, 2721 hits, 493 HR's, 1995 rbi's in 17 years. He compares better to Stan Musial than the sluggers that dominated 1st base in the 60's on.
Musial stat line is .331 avg, .418 obp, .559 slug, 3,630 hits, 475 HR's, 1951 rbi's in 22 years.

Todd Helton's line is .316 avg, .414 obp, .539 slug, 2519 hits, 369 HR's, 1406 rbi's in 17 years.

Freddie Freeman's line is .295 avg, .384 obp, .509 slug, 1704 hits, 271 HR's, 941 rbi's in 12 years. Freddie's got a lot of work to do, but is considered one of the best in the game at this time.

Less than 400 HR's or 3000 hits or 1500 rbi's is going to hurt a first baseman. He's in Dale Murphy land imo. Almost there, but not quite. I like the Don Mattingly reference too. These 3 guys had a peak run that put them among the best in the game but they didn't sustain it over a long career.
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