'25 TN WR Cameron Sparks

Def between positions. He would be a much better prospect at LB imo. He lacks the the quickness to be elusive at WR and doesn’t snag in many 50/50 balls.
Even then, Chris Donald, it still may not translate.
Meh, never impressed me. Patrick Willis was impressive but it was at such a low level in the state. Avery Williamson at Milan also I thought was a miss but we brought in guys like AJ Johnson that year as well.
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Will be interesting to see how long it takes for him to move to LB or RB at wherever he is, or transfers to Georgia State to play WR.
Look at Lenneth Whitehead. He was a 4* Linebacker coming out of high school. Everyone wanted him, but he wanted to play RB. I think the closest he got the starting lineup was 4th or 5th string?
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Kid looked like a torpedo when he played at linebacker and safety as a sophomore. I know they all want the TDs, big plays etc.. but he is not an SEC WR.
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Either way the point of the story is that these kids who try to play positions they shouldn't usually do not work out. Not always, but usually not.
I don't think Whitehead is a good example. His issues were injury related. Even if he played LB, the injuries would have kept him sidelined. I hate it for the guy. Good kid with tremendous work ethic.
This thread is going to get interesting as the season goes along.

Because his NEW teammate is Joakim Dodson.

Let's see who is more productive this season.
Sparks or Dodson.

Many of you all are counting Sparks out too quickly. If he wises up , he'll be a hot prospect again.

This dude could be what we had with Princeton Fant except for 4 years and a faster version.

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