'25 TN WR Cameron Sparks

Sparks, a 2025 athlete from The Baylor School, shined throughout the camp in front of UT’s coaches. The soon-to-be freshman in high school walked away with an offer from the Vols, his very first scholarship offer.

“It was my first one and it meant a lot,” Sparks told Volquest. “I’m in shock right now, but I’ll probably feel it going back home. It’s crazy.”

Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel, offensive coordinator Alex Golesh and wide receivers coach Kodi Burns pulled Sparks to the side following camp to inform him and his parents of the offer.

“We’re all kind of shook right now,” Sparks said. “I still have to go home and wash dishes and all that so it’s pretty crazy.”

“It means a lot because it’s the home state. It made my day and my month.”
“It was fun, a lot of good competition, a lot of good defensive backs and it was good learning from Coach KB (Burns),” Sparks said. “(Burns) is a good man, knows what he’s talking about, so whenever he’s talking, I just listen. He wants me to work on keeping my hips slow and my hip flexibility.”
The 6-foot-3, 205-pounder plays wide receiver, tight end and linebacker at Baylor. Tennessee envisions Sparks as a wide receiver.

“They were telling me I can be as good as I want to be and that they’re going to be explosive on offense for the next couple of years,” Sparks said. “They welcomed us with open arms and it was a great environment.

“Coach Heupel knows what he’s talking about and his offense is very up-tempo. Whenever he’s talking, I just sit back and listen.“

Sparks plans to camp at Alabama later this month and camp with Clemson next month. He’s also planning to camp with Georgia Tech at some point.
— VQ
Shouldn't form an opinion about them over 1 guy being a bit conceited.

NPA does really good work.
Theo Jackson was NPA.
One of our slot WRs is NPA. We just got a transfer from Ohio State who was NPA...

I was only asking because the UK mod said he visited there last weekend and the staff felt like he was close to a lock so I was curious.
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