'21 TN TE Charlie Browder (Tennessee commit)


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Jun 20, 2008
How exciting is the fast-paced offense that Coach Heupel runs?
Browder: “I remember trying to learn it the two weeks I was there with him. It’s so much information thrown at you, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. It’s exciting to see what kind of numbers they put up. At UCF, they put up top-five offenses, and at Tennessee, they’re putting up big numbers. As a former basketball player, it’s fast break, run-and-gun. Honestly, I don’t see why more coaches don’t run it because of all the success you can have. You keep it simple, make it easy on the players and get the matchups you want. If guys aren’t lined up, there’s not much the defense can do.”

You mentioned basketball. How did playing both sports help you?
Browder: “I remember specifically I was on an official visit to UCF in March 2020. We were sitting at a UCF basketball game and my dad asked Coach Golesh, “How did you find Charlie? You offered him when you were at Iowa State. He’s from East Tennessee and playing in Western North Carolina.’ “Coach Golesh responded there was a database where you can look up guys. He was like, ‘I watched him play basketball, and I loved it.’ It was a big plus because he only recruits receivers who play basketball. You learn the lateral quickness and high pointing, doing something with your body outside of football.
Five questions with Tennessee commit Charlie Browder

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