'20 TN DE/LB Tyler Baron (UT SIGNEE)


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Dec 11, 2017
You guys that follow 247 CB % are idiots. Bill Greene can change his Tyler Baron CB back to TN about 2 days before he announces on his birthday. That will keep his CB % high enough for you guys to continue to pimp his CB picks. If 247 made these guys stick with their original CB picks and give them extra points for making the pick early .. then the CB % rating would have value.

Has everyone forgotten that Tyler Baron is the person who talked Keyshawn Lawrence back down from his Miami OV high. Tyler was the main person who convinced him to commit to TN the next day. I'm sure Keyshawn will return the favor after Tyler's OSU visit. These in-state guys have all planned to play together for awhile now. The only way this would not happen is if CJP is fired this year.


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Jul 9, 2011
DE: They are getting Jacolbe Cowan this weekend and they are also hosting Tyler Baron from Tennessee this weekend. Could they end up with both guys? Is there room for both? YES and YES. Baron has been considered an absolute lock to the Vols in forever but I'm hearing the poor performance on the field and speculation about the future of Jeremy Pruitt has the player and his father reconsidering things. Both Baron and his dad were at Ohio State in the spring and liked it a lot, but at the time all was good with Tennessee. Fast forward a few months and things are not good in Knoxville. They are coming back to Ohio State for a reason. In the old days, this would be an AUTOMATIC Crystal Ball pick for Ohio State under Urban Meyer. In 48 hours, Meyer never missed on these types of recruitments. My guess is that Day and Larry Johnson have a great shot at the same magic. No flip pick from me yet, but this is one to watch closely going forward.
-Bill Greene/Ohio St 247

From this morning

He does go on to say that he thinks it will be Kentucky or Ohio St.

We can’t start missing on these kinds of players, especially ones with family on staff.

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