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I just recently got into the Beastie Boys. I was a casual fan, but didn’t know much about them. I was blown away at just how much they influenced the hip hop community, and that even groups like NWA and Wu Tang Clan loved them. They also gave the most hilarious interviews, making up everything and keeping completely straight faces.
I'm an old rap head since the late 80s. I mostly listen to old school, I don't like most artists of the past 20 years. Just ain't for me. Here are some of my favorite artists.

We're in the midst of one of the greatest rap beefs of all time. Cliff notes:

J Cole put himself in a big 3 with Kendrick and Drake

Kendrick says "it's just big me"

J Cole makes a diss track and then recants and apologizes. What??

Drake comes out with a pretty good diss track which is more or less "you're short and I sell more records" and while this is going on, before Kendrick responds, a ton of rappers are committing their allegiance to Kendrick. Rick Ross decided to jump in and do a diss track. Anyway, here is Drake's diss:

and here is Kendrick's response, which dropped today. Wanna see a dead body?

I’ll be honest, I would have ranked it Cole, Kendrick, Drake prior to this based on lyricism. The industry has successfully made Drake the underdog and I am all Drake at this point. Hope the next one he drops is nasty.
It’s getting ugly. Insiders say Drake has not left the studio since meet the grahams dropped. Also say his crew has locked everyone out of all chats, and only certain people allowed in certain areas of the mansion. Only using walkie talkies to communicate so there is no digital trace. Tells me he can play the mole off in the public eye if he wants, but he knows it’s true. It’s obviously true to begin with. Kendrick has too much prepared and dropped way too fast to not have known what was coming and when it was coming.
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