The Rap/Hip-Hop thread

It’s getting ugly. Insiders say Drake has not left the studio since meet the grahams dropped. Also say his crew has locked everyone out of all chats, and only certain people allowed in certain areas of the mansion. Only using walkie talkies to communicate so there is no digital trace. Tells me he can play the mole off in the public eye if he wants, but he knows it’s true. It’s obviously true to begin with. Kendrick has too much prepared and dropped way too fast to not have known what was coming and when it was coming.
Drake's response was disjointed and weird. It's over.
Drake's response was disjointed and weird. It's over.
Well, if he truly baited Kendrick then at the very least Kenny looks like he got clowned. I hope it stops honestly. It was cool at first, at this point I’m tired of trying to keep up with it lol.
I can't stand him

I actually like Drake OK, but half the time I'm laughing at him. His music is pop, but he's still got some bops. I'll admit it. But he's such a try-hard and so cringe* in so many ways and it's funny to see him get annihilated in this beef. I love KL, and that's a bonus.

*What sent me over was Drake talking **** to KD in the finals when he's literally got his number tattooed on his arm. The guy is so wack.
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There was a shooting ar Drake's house. Suspects in a car shot his security guard out in front of his gate. Security guard is in serious condition. Suspects have not been caught.
When was the last time a song blew up like Not Like Us? This **** is everywhere. Most streamed song in a day this year. Most streamed rap song in a day ever. #1 in Toronto. Drake can't watch his beloved NBA without hearing it. All over social media. Nobody has ever lost a beef this badly.

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