The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

It will take a little while for the players, but after the initial hurt passes, they’ll come to truly appreciate and embrace how much they accomplished. 27 wins, third most in school history if I’m not mistaken, outright SEC regular season champs, just the second Elite Eight in program history.

It’s weird to say, but I just don’t feel much if any disappointment in yesterday’s loss. Instead, I mostly just feel appreciation for the players and the coaches for making this such a special season. Hard to explain because I’m hyper competitive and have lost sleep over many losses through the years. Not this one, though.
Ive had a hard time with it, mostly due to the Edey stuff.
The other reason is how much I love Barnes and these seniors. I wanted it so badly for them. Hearing JJJ so emotional after the game was hard. If we had these guys back next year, it would be easier. I just love those guys and hate that it’s over. I wanted Barnes to get the monkey off his back. It for me has been sadness. Not anger, not even disappointment I guess, just sadness.
I for one am thrilled to see Musselman leave the SEC.

Oats might be more punchable, but old Musselman is a very close 2nd and his brand of basketball was terrible to watch.
Not Gonna miss seeing that lawn jockey swinging his shirt around as he leaves the court?
Watch Knecht literally go one-on-five against UNC to make the basket. Happens around the 20 second mark.

First time I’ve genuinely been sad I’ll never see a specific athlete suit up in orange again. We’re probably looking at 25-30+ yrs before another kid this talented and productive comes through Knoxville again.

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