The Grill and BBQ thread

A little disappointed in what Shrimp Dock had available. I did get some pork and gator sausage and packaged "filet of gator," which is frozen but looks like smaller chunks. I may have no choice but to brine, cajun season, and grill on skewers

That can still be tasty. I'd grill it slow on indirect heat.
Anyone ever had success with gator aside from frying it? Would like to include it in tailgate fair, but I'm not taking a fryer and oil.
Yes I was a part time cook at Gator Baby’s in FWB as a USAF side gig. To me the best way is shaved air thin. Put shavings in a container with Zesty Italian/your favorite marinade and refrigerate overnight shaking often. Grill top or skillet for maybe 2 minutes…pull it and put on a sub roll, garnish to your liking and enjoy the best Gator you’ll ever eat.
Thanks. I'll bring the tailgate grill, brine tomorrow night, throw some cajun rub on, and hope everyone is drinking :)
It will be a hit. If you can find some boudin, bake the stuffing recipe. Serve gator rolls. Hotdog bun, boudin stuffing on the bottom, gator meat, bbq sauce.
The sausage was also gator (and pork), from Shrimp Dock. It had some heat

Shrimp dock had ground gator?

Love Shrimp Dock. Best shrimp po’boys in town. The one in Maryville/Alcoa has a shaker with their spicy rub in it. I typically put some of that on my po’boy when I go.
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