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March 28-June 28
That’s the 90 consecutive days challenge I have for using the healthy diet to get optimal shredded results, and using 2 Workouts to get shredded most days of the week.
I’m pretty happy this week is nearly over because 6 Weeks and 1 day left after this week.
The challenging sacrifices for 90 consecutive days without any off days are worth it.
I’ll still be using the healthy diet most days of the week after June 28 except I’ll be able to begin using the flexibility to have 1 or 2 days a week for drinking Coca Cola or other Soda, and unhealthy food including deep dish pizza, Detroit thick squared pizza at a unique pizzeria in Aksarben area, etc.
Currently relaxing at the Djs Dugout bar mainly to watch the NBA Playoffs 2 Round Thunder Mavericks game 4.

I didn’t need to work late as a busser tonight because I worked 11 hours for a double as a dish washer crew member on a busy Mother’s Day Sunday.
I was very surprised tonight that Cheele a an attractive coworker that works as a Hostess told me she was sad that I was leaving early after seeing me clock out.

I’ll always remember this not long challenging Spring Monday after 2024 Mother’s Day mainly for that memorable detail.
Also, because the Thunder did have an impressive comeback victory to defeat the Mavericks in Dallas in a challenging Second Round Playoffs game 4.
This is what I got my mother for her 2024 Mother’s Day gift.
A Bruce Springsteen greatest hits cd
This great cd by the iconic Rock Musician known has the Boss has a cool cover of the Boss wearing most likely a genuine leather jacket, expensive jeans, and his electric guitar he uses.

I can rely on Barnes and Noble to have a high supply of never opened CDs for Artists and Bands of different music genres including Country, and Rock and Roll.

In the era of ITunes and similar businesses for downloading digital forms of music, I’m very happy a local Barnes and Nobles remains a rock for the physical music CDs form for having a high amount of unopened CDs of Musical Bands and Artists.

This is a sweet impressive item I’m greatly excited to eat on June 29th because that’s after 90 consecutive days of the healthy diet to achieve optimal shredded results.

It is the impressive Brownie Batter blizzard which is double the chocolate treated by Dairy Queen.


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These are cool looking Adidas Running Shoes that have a unique design that I see are available at Kohls.
The running shoes do have multiple different materials.

I’m very happy it’s five weeks and 5 days away from June 28th since I can begin using off days by drinking soda and unhealthy food including deep dish pizza and soda mainly Sprite, Cherry Coke or Coca Cola while still using the healthy diet 5 days of the week.

Also, I’m very happy having looked at my stomach from the side view that it’s impressively thin.
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I was very stunned today because saw a fast moving cool looking 2000s Corvette that looks similar to the 1999 Corvette physical design.
It was a white Corvette.
Also I see Krypton Comics sells cool real swords except a human must be 18 years old or or older than 18 years old to purchase that deadly weapon.

I see available is the very Katana also can be strapped to your back case that Blade uses in the great super hero movie (1998) Blade, and in the unique great sequel that stands on its own (2002) Blade 2.

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The Cubs continue to struggle in late May , however I’m not panicking because the Cubs still have a realistic chance of returning to above 500, finish the regular season with a winning record, and make the 2024 MLB Playoffs.

A coworker has this impressive Harry Potter bottle which shows covers of the multiple books including name information in that successful Fantasy Drama book series.

The Cubs continue to struggle in late May , however I’m not panicking because the Cubs still have a realistic chance of returning to above 500, finish the regular season with a winning record, and make the 2024 MLB Playoffs.

A coworker has this impressive Harry Potter bottle which shows covers of the multiple books including name information in that successful Fantasy Drama book series.

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You should buy one
You should buy one

I was thinking a custom 1 of Supernatural, or of this Fantasy about Mages and orcs. It’s the Summoner trilogy which has a badass protagonist that wears a very cool costume, and has an ally that is a small demon.
The small demon has the name Ignatius that had is shown on Fletcher’s shoulder.

I realized today that I made a mistake because for 90 consecutive healthy diet March 28-June 25 would be 90 consecutive healthy diet days for optimal shredded results and 2 workouts for getting shredded most days of the week.

March 28-June 28 is 93 days.

So to be exact I can begin using the 2 off days a week starting June 26.
I’m very happy that today is June 5 mainly because 20 days left before I can begin using 2 off days a week from the healthy diet without drawbacks.

It’s a very unique 2024 Stanley Cup Finals that has the Oilers vs the Panthers.
Past Stanley Cup Finals haven’t had that matchup of those 2 teams.

2024 NBA Finals
Celtics vs Mavericks
The Celtics have an opportunity to exceed the NBA titles won by the Lakers if they can win the NBA Championship this year.
The Mavericks have a challenging path except still achievable for them to win their second NBA Championship.
Impressive art for the Coca Cola Zero sugar bottles have marvel characters.

This 1 has Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme using his magical powers.

2024 College World Series
The Volunteers haven’t won a College World Series title despise consistent great success by Manager Vitello.

My cautious optimistic hope is the Volunteers break through to win the College World Series if they make it.

It’s very disappointing if they remain similar to the Men’s Gonzaga basketball team that has had a high amount of March Madness appearances and success except they’ve never won a National Title.

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I’m very happy Tennessee defeated a fearless Evansville team today mainly because it would have been a challenging day to work as a Busser at Texas Roadhouse if I had watched Evansville l succeeded with a soul crushing defeat.

The Volunteers found a way to win a challenging Super Regional game 1 because Evansville proved to be an admirable foe that didn’t give up in a high scoring game in Rocky Top.
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I’ve worked at Texas Roadhouse on days of disappointing outcomes in Sports.

2024 Men’s March Madness Tournament
The great disappointment of Tennessee keeping the game close vs an impressive Purdue team that was able to play better in a thrilling 2 half.

2022 NFL Playoffs 2 Round
The fearless Bengals made less mistakes to upset the Number 1 seed Titans in a thrilling defensive struggle.

Those are the ones I can think of for the I had a realistic expectation of the Titans and Basketball Volunteers winning those high stakes Playoffs games.
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June 9, 2024

It was a double working as a dish washer crew member on this Spring Sunday.
I was very happy that Tennessee played an admirable Evansville team in what was an evening to night game.
The reason because it wasn’t busy during top of the 9th because during final open hour before closed. That is why I was able to remain standing in the bar area, relax, and enjoy watching the Tennessee Volunteers get the final 3 outs.

I was very stunned Tennessee had an onslaught offense that was as impressive as the LaFerrari which is a stunning hypercar created by Ferrari.

Tennessee outplaying Evansville greatly by scoring a total of 5 runs in the first 2 innings, and Tennessee also had fruitful innings in the 4th scoring 4 runs, and the 5th inning since they scored 3 runs.

I was very stunned Tennessee was scoring a variety of ways, also because I was optimistic when I predicted Tennessee to defeat Evansville in an entertaining close game. A realistic expectation prediction based off the fact that the first 2 games were competitive games that had suspense.
15 days left before the 90th day on June 25.
I see that I’ve achieved the desired shredded body since my stomach is flat before the 90th consecutive healthy diet day which makes me very happy.
I still won’t be using the 2 off days a week to eat deep dish pizza, Trader Joe’s red licorice, other red licorice, other unhealthy food, and soda mostly Cherry Coke or Coca Cola until June 26.

The reason because 90 consecutive healthy diet days plus 2 workouts for getting shredded most days is the high bar achievement because 90 Days is equal to 3 months.
It’s a test of determination and commitment because no off days for eating unhealthy food or unhealthy drinks of Powerade or Sodas during the 90 healthy diet days.
2024 College World Series
Florida State vs Tennessee

I have to work this Friday at Texas Roadhouse, however I’m in a sports bar-fancy restaurant that has great stakes so I’ll still see portions of the 2024 CWS Florida State Tennessee baseball game.

I’ll be representing I’m a Volunteers baseball fan by wearing thus excellent Tennessee Volunteers new era hat that has the orange T Logo on the front, and the the white- orange checkered inside the state Tennessee on the back.
I got from Fanatics.

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