That's racist!

looks like they have a pay wall, but either way, it's not there (anymore)

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Dunno, could have been so stupid they pulled it down.

Or so overtly racist they pulled it.

It's a white guilt thing to think someone isn't smart enough to grasp an offensive concept because of their race.
Seems to me the author of that piece was actually trying to make a case for the most racist thing possible...... Maybe this was pointed out to them.
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Cleopatra was not Black, Egypt tells Netflix ahead of new series

Shows director...and others on the left ..screaming that Egypt and these Egyptians are racists for pointing out that Cleopatra was not black.

I sometimes wonder if other people just never took geography and history lessons like we did in school? Yall realize how much further sub-saharan africa is from Egypt than say....Jerusalem, right? That because of the Sinai peninsula, Egypt is a short camel ride from the middle east....but thousands of miles from sub-,saharan countries like Angola, botswana, Zambia. Actually, Egypt is much, much closer to Greece, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria than any of those lower african countries. Africa is a freaking HUGE continent and the Mercator projection map we all use shrinks it by like 40% to make the long/latitude lines work while mapping a globe shaped Earth onto a flat screen or paper. Africa is HUGE.

@SoilVol may I interest you in another part of volnation?

Huh, I always thought that was the "timeout" forum
Start at that post by Marcus and read as long as you like. 79fda63a24beb22661cb630d9f642b1d.gif
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*if you have any questions or comments just @ D4H, he will be your tour guide and clear up any confusion about your heritage and where you came from
Cleopatra was not only not black, but of the Ptolemaic family (greek) and the product of like 15 generations of empire preserving inbreeding!
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*if you have any questions, comments, or concerns just @ D4H, he will be your tour guide through the "that's racist" thread. He will clear up any confusion about your heritage and where you came from.
🤣🤣 That's always a fun debate.

Yep, she definitely wasn't black. Like... it's well recorded she was white. People don't realize how LONG Egyptian recorded history is. There were periods of predominantly black, predominantly middle-eastern, and predominantly white rule. And the society was pretty much a melting pot for most of it.

A racist sets out with appropriated money to prove other people are racist and defrauds the investors. We've seen this story several times; you'd think the donors would be getting smarter. Maybe the real issue is more about incompetence than bigotry, but it's socially more acceptable to have a victim rather than an incompetent.

The new slaves.

That could be fixed easily. Do away with professional sports, athletic scholarships, NIL, and make college sports a game played by students who wish to play. Problem solved. No nasty contracts and all voluntary play ... of course, there would be a bunch of unduly well compensated athletes on the streets, but they would be free at last.

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