Tennessee vs. Georgetown - 1:00 PM ESPN - Game thread

Yep. Dropped 90 on them punks... Proud of that. We didn't even play that well. Closed them out in the last 10 minutes, makes you almost forget how sloppy....
What was I saying? :blink: Oh well ! Good last 10 minutes boys, next time dont do us like that.
I can't believe Hopson couldn't get open once in the game to attempt a 3. I think his confidence is starting to fade.
Unless I overlooked a score I think that was the first time the Hoyas gave up 90 points in a game since January of '04 vs. UConn.
really hope Maryland wins tonight. Don't want to face Gonzaga twice... plus I like our matchup better.

I want to play Maryland too, but not because I don't want to play Gonzaga twice. I think Maryland will have a solid season and I want RPI credit for playing both teams.
Sorry if its already been discussed but who was the joker on press row handing out a high five after a made 3? Shouldn't that automatically get you ejected from EVER being on press row again? I mean its ok to call a homer game but good lord.

Very excited to see the Vols win today! With my combo stomach virus/flu it took everything I had just to stay conscious during the game. Glad I did!

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