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Sep 7, 2011
Rick Barnes and his staff will welcome players back on Monday, but it won’t be business as usual as far as offseason skill work goes. Coaches can’t work with players as they normally do in the summer for the first three weeks that they’re on campus, that’s an SEC rule. Players can start their offseason conditioning work with Strength and Conditioning coach Garrett Mendenwald though and there will be some strict guidelines in place.
The team will be broken up into small groups of three or four. Players will have their own personal sets of weights that will be used only by them and any equipment/machine that is used will be wiped down after each use. Players will be allowed to work in the gym on their own, simply getting up shots and doing their own skill work and each guy will be assigned his own set of balls to be used only by him.
Looking forward to seeing the new team picture.
Social Distance version of course.
They'll have to take the picture in the stands in TBA is get everyone on the same negative :D:D or maybe have everyone hold their breath for 30 seconds while they snap the picture.
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I'm starting to think there will be no college football or basketball this season

The coaches, ADs, administrators, and NCAA officials will cave in to their greed. There will be FB on some level (even if just the big donors are in stadiums and some schools sit out) and the NCAA will not skip a second NCAAT in a row. When they say that they will do what's best for the student athletes, I don't believe them. I do believe that Barnes will advocate what is best for his players though. The athletic directors and athletic departments will do everything they can to collect that TV revenue.
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Bad bet. He’s not back from Uruguay.

My second pick is Ticket, but I don't know if he's anywhere close to NYC. Uros was another possibility if he's been back to Serbia. Those from the biggest cities would be most vulnerable I'd think. Bailey maybe if he's been hanging out on the Left Coast.

I hate some of the HIPAA rule practices.

Actually it could be Pons if he has been back in France. They were hit pretty hard. So basically... it could be anybody. Hopefully they're better real quick. None should be in a vulnerable demo.

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