SUPER WILD CARD WEEKEND (1/14-1/16 2023) Official Thread

With Sean Payton being available, it’s not as crazy as it seems. There were reports that McDaniel could be out if they didn’t make the playoffs, not sure he’s completely safe after his performance today.

Shouldn't have been in the game so hard to give him a bad grade today
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I was at the Jags/Chargers game last night. It was my first ever NFL game. As exciting as that finish was, it was nothing compared to a college football game.

I mean, there are also better venues and louder/more passionate fanbases. If you get a chance, go to Seattle or Kansas City for a big game, especially when they’re breaking/exchanging that loudest stadium world record of 142.2 dB.
My Black Ford Explorer has a Radiator flaw because steam was exiting the engine area.

That’s why I’m not working today which is the 2023 NFL Super Wild Card Sunday.

The Giants Vikings wild card game is highly entertaining, and competitive.
The Vikings have reduced the Giants lead to a slim 3 points in the early 3rd Quarter.
That BS call is an example of what makes NFL ball hard to handle sometimes.
What are defensive players supposed to do? Only tackle the qb if you’re squared up? You can’t land on them with your weight. And now you sometimes can’t pull them down if you get an arm on them if they try to slip left or right.
I think everyone knew the Vikings were overhyped all year and this just proved that big time.
It’s a shame Burrow has had zero protection since his career with the Bengals

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