And one more thing...Jalen Hurts' shoulder still isn't right. He was soft tossing the entire game and that last Hail Mary proved it beyond any doubt
Mahomes played a perfect second half. He didn’t have the yardage because 1) The Chiefs scored a defensive TD, B) He had 6 carries for 44 yards and C) They only ran 53 plays, and three were kneel downs

The Chiefs are a very good team. The OL played incredible. Reid is a top 10 coach ever. Kelce is a HOF. But Mahomes was fantastic today. If you could vote units for MVP, I’d vote for the OL. You can’t, so Mahomes is worthy.

He's definitely worthy of the SB MVP trophy. That wasn't the point. Although, if Hurts doesn't have the weird fumble play, we might be looking at an MVP for the losing QB. He's the reason Mahomes only had 50 plays. 2nd most fantasy points ever in the SB, I heard. 300 yards passing and more rush yards than all his RB's combined.
At least 2 of those TD passes were to wide open receivers and that is due to Andy Reid and his schemes. He's a master at getting receivers open
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Hurts probably was the player of the game except we don't really know what he didn't do (on drives they didn't score did he not see open receivers? etc.)

But we kinda have gotten to where the spectacular is the mundane with Mahommes. His command of the offense and always making the right read - it's like Brady.

I am really glad we don't have to hear "Mahomes went to 5 straight AFCCG and only won one SB, is he a choker/overrated?" for the next few months, as if just 1 SB in the run makes it any less incredible.
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Hurts is a class act and has surprised me at his ability to be a top level NFL player (passing in particular)

He changed his throwing motion (it took him a year to re-train himself, which is incredible in and of itself) and that's the reason it's different now. He's still not Mahomes, but he's an elite passer within their system. The fact that he's so comfortable throwing sidelines is something I never saw coming.
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Not going to be a shining moment for the refs, but the alternative with a Eagles win would be discussing the the 10 point swing on two calls they made and reviewed and let stand on a drive that ended up in a FG. After a long review they applied their JUDGEMENT that it was not a fumble on the scoop and score, but that he did possess it long enough on the sideline bobble trying to pin it to his helmet later in the same drive. It was definitely controlled better on the non catch. That one screenshot with the jersey stretched is at least a point in time to hang on the wall. I did appreciate the class and character by the Green HC and player discussing the call in post game.

But bottom line, the call advanced the ball from the 15 to the 10 with just under 2 min to play and eventually the FG los was the same 10 yardline after they tried to give up the TD on the next play and 15 took a couple of snaps to kill the clock and center the ball. Should not overshadow the great run by Mahomes on a bad and painful wheel to get it to the 15.

That was not even close to being a fumble. Everybody in America knew it shouldn't have been called a fumble in real time.

However, there was the Smith catch that probably should not have been overturned. I couldn't even tell what they would even use to overturn it until we'd been looking at the replay at least 5 minutes, and then I said, "That's not enough." and somehow it turned out it was.

And was Mahomes in pain in the 2nd half? Didn't seem to be at all. Looked fine on that run. Looked fine in every other moment. Post-game, he's running all over the field to chat with Berman, etc. They must've doped him up good.
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The Chiefs are who we thought they were.

A great team that would succeed by coming back in the 2nd half vs the Eagles.
Russillo dropped this crazy stat...of all the QB's since 2000 who have had 50 starts, when his defense/special teams had a net negative EPA, Mahomes won 67% of those games. Brady = 53%. Manning = 52%. The rest of the field combined = < 30%.
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You know who is really kicking themselves is the Bears. They had the #2 pick the year Mahomes came out and they drafted Mitch Trubisky lol.
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This is why QB play can be so hard to judge. To the naked eye, this is the easiest TD pass in the world. In reality pre snap the play breaks down, Mahomes has to adjust on the fly and makes the right decision

The SB grounds keeper was a Chiefs guy and making the field into a slog slows the game down, favoring the slower team...Eagles started losing after they changed cleats and so wrong cleats weren't the problem but it does show they weren't prepared for the problem, which is interesting.

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